#BeTheChange And Say No To Plastic Straws

As part of the #BeTheChange movement at Liberty Promenade, we are asking you, our valued customers, to eliminate any and all single-use plastic products. One of the biggest culprits of single-use plastics are plastic straws. And here are just three reasons why you should say no to using plastic straws.


  • Most plastics cannot be broken down naturally by bacteria. Because of this, most of it ends up in wildlife habitats, where it poses a threat to plants and animals. By reducing your use of plastic straws, you can help protect wildlife.
  • Plastic straws increase pollution because they are non-biodegradable, resulting in a build-up of waste. The accumulated plastic finds its way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. This puts aquatic life in danger, because animals may ingest plastic or be exposed to the toxins that leach from plastic. Animals, such as sea turtles, sea birds and marine mammals, can also get trapped in plastic waste.
  • Most plastic straws break into smaller particles and release chemicals into the soil, air and water. This is harmful to animals, plants, people and the environment.

Be the change, refuse single-use plastics when buying soft drinks, and ask the store manager to provide you with more sustainable alternatives.

Click here to find out more about Liberty Promenade’s #BeTheChange Movement. 


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